November 23, 2014

Industrial injury to industrial revolution

Panic not dear reader. I am not about to bore you with volume 4 on the Encyclopaedia Britannica. The short version of this journey was that I had neck ache so needed to sort my office out giving me a decent monitor to work on. While extracting batteries from the touch pad dohickey, I nearly severed a finger (th industrial injury part). As I was putting things together I realised that my mac takes up too much space so I REALLY wanted to go and buy one of the Twelve South BookArc thing-a-mug-bobs. The cheap ones are not available from the mac store so it was either:

  • £70 - yes, £70, and a few days for the really sweet mahogany effect item to turn up.
  • Or, 3D printing to the rescue

So, a sphere, several rounded edged cube and an hour later (and the industrial revolution bit) I had a simple prototype:

As it was a prototype, I left out the cable guides and 6 hours later, out this popped:

So, the usual review - as a prototype this is fully functional so I am probably not going to make another one for a while. If I did however, I might add the cable guide in, but if you add some rubber feet then you won't need to. The one mistake I made was in measuring my Macbook. I have a skin on it which adds a few millimeters so I measured at the widest part - across the feet... Obviously this doesn't cover the feet so it's about 2mm to wide, but then again the Macbook has vents on the underside there so maybe some fingers would be good to stabilise the Macbook without a flat face that stops airflow.

A bit of rubber in the bottom would also make it a little less slippy with the macbook in it, but overall I'm chuffed, it's saved me over £60 plus shipping and a couple of days waiting.

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