Mini Me

Coming soon, but the general idea is a scan of you that is printed.

The points you will need to consider are as follows:
  • The process will take about 5-10 minutes per person per scan
  • You’ll need to sit still for about 2 minutes for the actual scan (might need a redo)
  • Shallow breathing only during the scanning process
  • Don’t wear anything black or shiny (I’ll work around hair as best I can)
  • Control flyaway hair if possible, nothing too spikey.
  • Glasses don’t scan.
Once scanned, specific costs can be discussed as it is a bit of an art form that depends a lot on the amount of material that is used. I have a particularly fat head so this mini-nige available directly from Shapeways costs a fair bit for something only 4cm high. The mini you that you get will not cost this and will qualify for multi-scan discounts anyway.

Want a group print? Not a problem, each person is scanned individually and then grouped together afterward.


Who can be scanned?

Anyone who is happy with the bullet points at the top of the screen. Children under 5 are not really good candidates unless they are asleep. Babies that sleep well in a parents arms are also good candidates for a different type of bust.

Is it dangerous?

No. There is a flash that goes off about 10-15 times per second but this has not caused any known issues, even with extreme epilepsy sensitivity.