Mini Me

The general idea is that I travel to you, scan you, print you and post you back to you... Easy.

Check out the bottom of the page for more examples of this process.

The points you will need to consider are as follows:
  • You will need a space that is at about 4 meters in diameter that is not in direct sunlight;
  • The process will take about 5-10 minutes per person per scan;
  • You’ll need to sit still for about 2 minutes for the actual scan (might need a redo or two);
  • Shallow breathing only during the scanning process;
  • Don’t wear anything black or shiny (I’ll work around hair as best I can);
  • Control flyaway hair if possible, nothing too spikey;
  • Glasses don’t scan, like, at all, Empty frames scan in rare conditions, but will not print;
  • There is a very bright, flashy light to contend with (about 10-15 flashes per second but totally safe).
  • The scanner is quite noisy in operation as it has a big cooling fan.

How much does it cost?

The basic package is £50 and this will include me coming to you if you live within 20 miles of Junction 10 of the M25, and a single, medium quality, single colour, 4-6cm tall bust (shoulders and head). If you want additional busts/scans, they will be £15 each as long as they are scanned at the same time. If you want a bigger print, then we can discuss this as an additional cost, if you want a high quality print like the main picture above, then this can be discussed. If you don't have space, we can discuss options, and if you live further away, this is also fine, let's chat. I appreciate this is quite an expense, and I am always open to reasonable negotiation.

Is it dangerous?

No. There is a flash that goes off about 10-15 times per second but this has not caused any known issues, even with extreme epilepsy sensitivity. You may see stars for a few minutes after the scan, but everything will retun to normal quickly. You can be scanned with your eyes closed if you like. We can work up to sensitise you to the flashing as well.

Who can be scanned?

Anyone who is happy with the bullet points at the top of the screen. Young children are not really good candidates unless they are asleep. Babies that sleep well in a parents arms or a rocker are also good candidates for a different type of bust. Bright flashing light and noise though.

What can be scanned?

Anything that can be stationary for the duration of the scan that meets the requirements above. The general package is for a bust as demonstrated above, however, all body parts are scannable including a full-body option, as are cars, boats, canoes, ornaments, anything that doesn't take too long. Anything non-human is a discussion we need to have.

Can I have additional reprints done later?

Yes, I'll keep your digital models for 12 months and then destroy the data (GDPR and all), in this time you can request as many reprints as you like at £10 each per individual medium quality bust.

Can I have the digital files afterwards?

Of course, this starts at an additional £15 per scan though for the standard bust model. We can discuss anything else you may want including everything up to the raw scanning data.

Can we get a group scan?

Yes, for a group of up to about 6, I will scan you all individually and then combine you later. This might not be possible if you want a bigger, high resolution print. If you want a group print this will be and additional £10 on top of the other rates for each individual - you won't get individual prints as well though. For example, if you want a group of 4. That would be 1x£50 for the scan, 3x£15 additional people and then £10 to combine them all into one print. If you did want the additional busts that would be £10 per bust.

Can we come to you?

At the moment no, I don't have a studio so we are limited to a space that is not overly lit, not overly cold, and not overly damp... Gardens are fine if it's warm and cloudy or getting on for dusk/sunset. If you're concerned with the space requirement then we can work around this to a degree, but I need space to walk around you with a laptop and a scanner, without climbing over obstacles.

Any downsides?

You have to remember this is 3D printing in plastics. See the sections on print quality and artefacts on the print surface. Regardless of print style, there are likely to be marks on the surface where support was in contact. For resin prints, I can finish these off and prime them for you. this can be discussed if needed.

Do you provide anything other than busts?

Yep, we can discuss adding your head to any 3D model we the rights to use, and this will be an additional charge that will depend on the complexity. See below for a couple of options, for example keyrings and nobbyheads that are lego-compatible are quite popular. Oh, if you're wanting the lego nobbyheads, you will get a batch of 8 attached together with a sprue, which is only a little more expensive than the single shown below for demonstration purposes.

What colours and materials are there?

The basic option is plastic (Polylactic Acid (PLA) actually) it's more biodegradable than regular plastic and is made from potatos (ish). This will produce reasonably good quality prints, but, for higher detail you will want to step up to resin. Generally, prints come in grey as this the best balance between visibility, shadow management and hiding imperfections. If you go for the PLA options, then there are a few basic colours you can choose, including a nice marble. Shapeways offer full-colour options as well as other materials like metals. The resin prints can be primed and painted with regular acrylic paints if you are so minded.

If you are direct ordering from Shapeways, prices below would be indicative for a similar version of you, but shipping will be extra. They can expedite print and shipping, but you're still looking at a 4-6 week turnaround. If you wanted a Shapeways option, check in to see if I have an order up soon and we can split the shipping costs.