3D Prints

Now armed with a resin 3D Printer, I can now print miniatures and high-resolution scans. Anything within 120 x 68 x 150mm can be printed. So this is busts, 30mm scale miniatures, 50mm based models etc. See below for some examples.

How much will it cost?

Well, that all depends on the model. You're looking at £13 for a 50mm based mini, and about £7 for the 25mm based models and prices exclude shipping as well as what you paid for the model. If you're after something other than a mini and you want an exact price, send me the model and I can tell you. If you haven't yet bought the model, send me a link to it, and I'll have a look. I can also tell you about any issues there may be with the printing process. Get in touch if you want more information.

What can I print?

Anything that will fit in the print volume and that you have the right to print. Oh, just because your model is within the volume above, doesn't mean it will print. Things that have flat surfaces, the bottoms of models for example, need to be printed at an angle. Also, extremely fine wires are a real struggle.

What will I get in the post?

Your model will be shipped with all of the support material in place. Well, you did pay for it :) You will need to carefully cut away all of the support, then sand and prepare the model with an acrylic friendly primer before you can paint them. For a small fee, I can remove the support during the post-processing phase and add extra padding in the shipping process. Here is a small model with the support still in place.


Below are some examples, click and rotate them for a good look round. If you see a coin, it's a British Pound coin for scale (about 23mm in diameter and 3mm thick). If you don't see a coin, it's probably because the model is quite large.

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  1. I received my prints, and I am blown away the rhino I got in orange....and wow 😱 omg...it is so fine...the case to transport it was also 3d printed...amazing detail...