November 03, 2018

Product Placement

A blog post. Yep, as unusual as it is, I thought I'd put one together. I'll also do a video with more details in, but it's nice to write a story rather than act one out. If you've visited before, you may recognise the lightbox as I've has this available for a while now. With the move back to the UK and a new printer, it needed a few tweaks to work better so I took the opportunity to rebuild it completely to be easier to put together. Also, the old parts I used to use are no longer available so I needed to make it more flexible. I also decided to make a couple of new bits and pieces...

I already had a light tower thing, but that involved soldering, and while technically not a power tool, since I don't have soldering tools yet, they are about the same priority. I also wanted something that was easier to put together so that got a redesign and along with some new filament choices and a very marble top I released that one as well. The really neat thing with this version is the bulb inside is actually a flame effect bulb.

Finally for this release, I wanted something really simple. With the drawing in nights and my own love of candles and tealights, I was inspired by a video I saw on youtube. In that video, Evan and Katelyn use power tools and workshop tools to create a really cool tealight candle holder. Envious of the gratuitous use of bandsaws, table saws and a whole load of other really cool gadgets I thought that a 3D printed version would be just as good. Plus, I could use a wood filament if I wanted to. Cool, and so my tea light holder was born.

Now, I know what you're thinking, fire and plastic are not friends, and I agree with you. Knowing this from the beginning I designed in what I thought were some safety features... basically thick walls and support pins that are as far off to the side as I could comfortably get... And it worked. I've tested this with Yankee Candles that use a plastic cup, as well as the Ikea tealight that has a more standard aluminium cup. I also tested a few different candles that use different waxes and burn at different temperatures.

Because all of these items are created to order, they are also very customisable if you want a message 'engraving' into the sides. I use quotes because it isn't actually engraved, the message is designed in before printing, but hey, that's just a little detail that no one really cares about.

So, that's my update for today. You can check out the products mentioned here by clicking on the cleverly named link in the title bar of the site. How easy is that :)

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