December 01, 2016

Kindles are heavy, right?

Well, ok, they are not, but they can get uncomfortable while holding them for a long time when you lying in bed. It's either far away by your knees, or up in the air cutting off circulation in your elbow... what to do. I know, a Kindle holder.

I really loved an old flexible arm lamp I used to have as a kid, and Maplins did a desk attachable one back in the UK, and I didn't bring it with me, so let's start there. I had already done a big harness to capture timelapse, so this should be similar... But quickly turned into a complete rewrite from the ground up.

24 hours of designing, testing and printing and the first working model popped off the printer. And it was really quite strong.

Then it dawned on me; it doesn't need to be just for a Kindle Oasis... Boom a more generic carrier was born. Then, I wasn't too sure about the press fit pins into the stand and carrier... Huzzah, scew options were available (I printed the carrier). Finally I wondered if things may fall though the the back of generic one, so built a honeycomb backing... I didn't print that one.

If want one of your own, and have a 3D printer, pop on over to my thingiverse thing and download th bits.

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