June 21, 2014

3D Printing - Ultimaker Update

Well, there was an update release of both the firmware that drives the Ultimaker and Cura - the printing software. In a Word - Yay.

There are a few tweaks, but 2 really cool things come out, first of all the way the print is started on the printer. Now, the bed lifts, THEN the head is primed by extruding some material and the head moves to start the print. This means that the filament starts to print immediately. Previously, the extruder would prime, then the bed would lift and this meant that the extruder would empty as the head dragged due the weight of material.

The other great new thing - Rafts. Yay. Although they are still a little tough to remove, This could just be due to the material difference between my testing on the Makerbot. Here you can see the underside of a print and the raft it came off. The white is just there because there was a little bit of fusing that needed to be broken when peeling.

I think my test was possibly invalid. The print does ok without any adhesion help as it has quite a lot of surface area. This is what made it tricky to remove where as the antennae on the print were very fine and peeled away much easier than the body.

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