There are a lot of filament colours in the world and we can probably find a match to anything you have specifically in mind. If you need something specific for an order please let us know, we may have to charge you if the filament is very exclusive, a bit off the wall or otherwise requires a higher than average amount of engagement or cost. We do stock many exotic filaments and these are the colours that are generally listed with items.

From top to bottom we have:
  •     Galaxy Black
  •     Cosmic Silver
  •     Cosmic Red
  •     Nightshade Purple
  •     GT Hero Silver
  •     Cosmic Blue
  •     Cosmic Gold
  •     Light Wood
  •     Dark Wood

The light wood filament does have 30% recycled wood fibres and feels a little like a smooth wood. The dark wood contains 40% recycled wood fibres and feels like a rough wood, it also has a mild woody smell as well. The dark wood is also a little more expensive for the most part, because it is a more expensive filament, but also because it can take a bit more babysitting when printing.

We also carry a marble filament which you can see below.

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