Customisable lightboxes

This stunning lightbox is powered from a standard USB port so you can connect it to your laptop, or an old USB phone charger. Ideal for a nightlight for your child as they are very safe, dimmable, very low power and available in a variety of colours.

You can customise the images so you can have a theme such as Winnie the Pooh or Snow White to match the room decorations.

Why not give granny a cherished photo gift of their grandchildren, with customised messages; celebrate anniversaries; celebrate the birth of a friends child; add your corporate logo to a unique gift for your employee of the year.

The images are rotatable so you can look at a different one every day, and if you get bored of the images, you can also order new ones on their own and swap them out yourself.

You have the option of whether to have a solid colour lid, or a lid with a skylight in to add more light into the room.

The lightboxes are available with a choice of light options:

  • Dimmable cool white;
  • Dimmable warm white;
  • Touch on/off warm white;
  • switchable warm white.

The process is simple. You choose or create 4 images and email them to us, and we will do the rest. If you want a panel customised with text but cannot make the image yourself, contact us and we will help with that as well. Fine detail is not captured, so the best images are of faces or top halves of bodies from the waist up, full-length people will not come out very well.

There is a large choice of main body colour; pink, red, purple, dark blue, light blue (not shown), dark green, intense green, yellow, orange, gold, light brown, dark brown, black, metallic grey and metallic silver (not shown).

Interested in getting one of these unique gifts, Why not email us for more information.

Why not get a battery base and make your lightbox the center of attention anywhere.